VoxRend: Voxel Engine

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VoxRend will be a voxeled graphic engine, simple but powerful, to build 3D games easily.

VoxRend doesn't try to be better than current game engines.  Even it uses some techniques clasified as obsolete, such as ray-cast, so it won't break any record.  Anyway, you would find it useful and funny, specially if you're an amateur game developer.

Actually the engine is under development (WIP or Work In Progress) so it isn't fully functional.  Here you have a list with some planned features:


UOVLR means for "UnOptimised Voxel Landscape Renderizator".  It is a small program to demonstrate the algorithm used by the VoxRend renderer.  It's very simple and includes a lot of comments and documentation.  You should download it if you want to understand the sources of VoxRend.


Click here to see some screenshots taken from the example codes.


VoxRend is giftware.  You may use, modify, redistribute, and generally hack it about in any way you like.  You don't have to send the authors anything in return, but of course you're welcome to do so.  This could be a complimentary copy of a game, an addition or improvement to VoxRend, a bug report, some money (this is particularly encouraged if you use VoxRend in a commercial product), or just an email saying "Hi!".  If you redistribute parts of VoxRend, or make a game using it, it would be nice if you mentioned VoxRend in the credits, but if you just want to pinch a few code lines or techniques then that's fine too.

However, please do not distribute modified copies under the name `VoxRend' without stating clearly that they have been modified.  Otherwise everybody will just get confused.


Here you have the latest downloads avaiable.  Visit the VoxRend Sourceforge download page to get the complete list of downloads.  Read the chages log for information about changes between versions.

Future issues

Here you have a list of future changes planned.  If you want to comment them contact me.

Contact info

If you have any question or suggestion about VoxRend, please write a message in one of the project forums.


Here you have some links to pages about voxels and game programming:

A game library, used by VoxRend.
A voxel engine created by Ken Silverman, the guy who made the engine used in Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood and others.  Very spectacular, but isn't open source.